Do not leave these problems to your beloved ones; instead, hire a prevision plan with the guidance from our experts.


– Tranquility

Leave everything in order to facilitate the burden on those who will be taking care of those final arrangements of yours.

– The service of your choice

There is less emotional wear when you give precise instructions about your plans on time.

– Protection against price rises

The funeral services and their basic products are guaranteed no matter what the plan is or when it is required.

– Balance Protection

Your balance is paid within 36 or 38 months with on-time payments.

– Protection for your children and grandchildren

We offer a service with a basic coffin for your qualifying child or grandchild.

– 100% transferrable plans

You can pass these services to any person you wish.

– Everyone is qualified

Everyone is qualified no matter what the age, or health condition is.

– Affordable plans for every budget

We have plans that adapt to any family income.

– Together, never alone

Your beloved ones will never have to make any decision by themselves on what you would have wished.

– Coverage when the passing takes place away from home

Just give us a call and we will take care of everything the family needs to bring their beloved one back.

Meet Our Funeral Homes

Richardson Peterson Funeral Home

FD - 737 / Ontario, CA 91762

Colton Funeral Home

FD - 1031 / Colton, CA 92324

Deco Familia Rosecrans Funeral Home

FD - 1108 / Paramount, CA 90723

Rachal’s Funeral Home

FD - 2 / Los Angeles, CA 90037

East Olympic Funeral Home

FD - 1780 / Los Angeles, CA 90022

Deco Familia Hidalgo Funeral Home

FD - 10005 / Hidalgo, TX 78557